I’m a church boy. Plain and simple. Grew up attending worship services every week. Got active in my teens. Supported my local congregation in its activities and ministries. I’m a church boy.


After graduating from college, I felt the call, you know that call. The one that church people talk about - to be a pastor. So I went to seminary and studied and graduated with my Masters degree in religious studies. Church was my life.


I got hired and assigned a congregation and followed that path for over 15 years. Along the way I worked in various capacities - leading youth, starting a new church group and serving my members and the community. I was all in with church.


What I began to see was that church as we know it was losing its relevance in society and its impact in the world. People were saying “if church is what you are selling, we aren’t buying.” These were people I loved dearly and felt passionate about reaching and teaching. But somehow the regular view of church as building and weekly event was not cutting it.


People were dissatisfied and frankly, so was I. I got tired of feeling like I was in charge of putting on a show and it wasn’t making a difference. But deep down my love and passion for the church was even greater. Like so many attendees and non attenders I wanted something more.


More didn’t mean better preaching, more dynamic music, a plethora of ministries for my family and I…that wasn’t it. More meant LIVING AS THE CHURCH! Something that involved not just one day for a few hours at one place. More meant me living out what the Bible says the church is - A BODY, A FAMILY, A MOVEMENT.


So I’m on a journey, to discover, to learn, to share, to embrace and most importantly to LIVE AS THE CHURCH IN THE WORLD. My name is Kymone Hinds…and I Am the church.

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