We are longing for more! There’s got to be more to life than the same old routine. There has to be more than show up, stand up, sign up, listen up and then go home. We want more.


We have various backgrounds. We aren’t just young, or just old. Our professions are different and so are our family structures. We can’t be neatly characterized into one group, or box. We are people...and we want more.


Some of us have been dedicated church attenders. In fact some of us still lead out, serve and give. We haven’t given up on God or love Him any less...we are just tired. Tired of not experiencing what church has promised us.


Some of us are not engaged in a church group. We reject the labels that have been usually given to us. We may not be looking for the answers in the traditional church setting but it doesn’t mean we aren’t still looking.


You see, we are humans. And to be human is to have the desire for community. For a group to belong to, with deep bonds. We are humans and to be human is to seek to serve others and make a difference in this world.


And we are human, and to be human is to seek a deeper relationship with God, specifically the God of the Bible. So we believe in worship, community and mission.


We don’t go to church.

We don’t have church.

We are the church.


And we suspect you are looking for the same thing we are.


So if this resonates with you, please feel free to share your story of how you live out the values of worship, community and mission where you are, with others. Click here to add your story to the stories already shared.

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